is born out of a passion for individuality. Be Yourself! Be Youniq! is born out of a passion for individuality. Be Yourself! Be Youniq!

What’s it all about?

Our Youniq founder started with the aim of bringing a collection of well designed and unique watches and accessories together in one place. A place where each designer watch has been carefully selected with You in mind. Like You, each watch is unique and is chosen to make a statement and reflect true individuality and personal style.

We stock a varied collection of funky watches for our online store from established visionary designers and many from up and coming watch brands who share our passion for creative individuality. Why follow the herd when You can lead!

We are an online watch shop. A watch dealer. A watch boutique. A watch retailer. Take your pick because whichever you choose to call us, it’s your choice. We aim to curate a leading collection of cool, unique, individual, well designed watches, timepieces and accessories in our online store and back it up with excellent customer service. All of our pieces are sourced direct from the manufacturer or brand and delivered to your door.


So is that it?

Not at all. YouniqYou also believes in integrity. That’s why every unique watch on this website is held in stock. We do not dropship or sell designer watches we do not have in stock to despatch immediately. If our online store shows an item is in stock, then it is in stock. If it isn’t in stock – let us know you like it and we’ll tell you when it is back in stock.

Each designer watch is carfully selected following a strict criteria based on a fine balance of form and function. Basically if it is well made, well designed both technically and aesthetically and if it makes a bold statement of individuality then we select it for our collection.

We hope you enjoy our fabulous collection of funky watches and look forward to hearing from you soon!

Be Youniq