Techné Merlin 245

techne merlin 245

Techné Watches have recently released their brand new reference, the new Techné Merlin 245. For those of you familiar with the Techné lineup you will have noticed the similarities with the existing 249 Merlin.

The new Techné Merlin 245 watch is indeed very similar, however it features a couple of small modifications. First of all the original Seiko VD78 calibre has been swapped for a Miyota 1L45. Secondly and certainly more noticeable is the new case. At 39.5mm in diameter and 11.5mm in thickness the case is 1.5mm larger and thicker than the 249 reference adding a more robust appearance


The new Techné Merlin 245 and many other mens watches and ladies watches is available exclusively in the UK from


You can view the whole Techné Merlin watch range here

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