Techné Watches First UK Retailer

techne watches uk is proud to be Techné ‘s first official UK retailer and stockist of Techné Watches. Techné offers a fantastic range of military inspired timepieces including the ever popular range of Automatic Goshawk models, Sparrowhawk, Sparrowhawk II, Harrier and Merlin.

About Techné Watches

The word “techné” comes from the Ancient Greek τέχνη, which translates to craftsmanship or craft, « the rational method involved in producing an object through art ».

Launched in Autumn 2009, the watches designed by and manufactured for Techné Instruments have enjoyed a growing popularity on Horological forums in merit of their quality and retro-inspired utilitarian design.

Each timepiece signed by Techné Instruments is the result of a careful design process that blends ergonomics and style.

Techné fits well with the Youniq philosophy – they are unique interesting time pieces from an up and coming designer constructed without compromise where form and function are perfectly balanced.

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